FAST FACT: A thin layer of TOPCOAT meets government regulations — and can save you 20% or more in precious landfill space.

Landfill Overview

Spraying TOPCOAT Landfill Cover

Profile Products has a range of daily landfill covers that are the least expensive way to meet government landfill daily cover regulations.

Landfill airspace is a valuable resource. It is essentially the only thing a landfill has to sell. In fact, you may think of your landfill as WASTE-MART; selling airspace to safely store solid waste. The value of your air-space is very critical to the landfill business. Several factors affect that value. They include:

  • Type of Waste
  • Compact Density
  • Tipping Fee
  • Compaction of Active Site

TOPCOAT and Waste-Cover are an alternative daily landfill cover manufactured from post-consumer paper, chemicals and other proprietary ingredients. All ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Landfill Products